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Emergency Services Urges Preparedness As Hurricane Florence Arrives In NC

Catawba County Emergency Services and agencies across the Hickory Metro are continuing to monitor Hurricane Florence. A news release issued by Catawba County Emergency Management says additional equipment and staff have been brought in to work around the clock for the duration of the storm. Due to the hurricane’s potential impact on Catawba County, Emergency Services urges residents to take the storm seriously.

“Hurricane Florence is a very large and dangerous storm,” said Karyn Yaussy, Catawba County Emergency Management Coordinator. “Signs of weakening, such as a decrease in wind speed or slowing down, are not an indication that we are out of danger. In some ways there is more risk, because this storm will linger longer with more rain and potential for flooding.”

Based on current projections, Yaussy advises residents to consider additional guidance as they prepare for the storm to arrive:

·Projected heavy rain from the storm, which could result in as much as six to ten inches for our area, will oversaturate the ground. Because this causes trees to fall on power lines, plan for major power outages that could last days or longer. The website is a good resource for identifying the food and supplies to have on hand during an emergency.

·Flooding is a growing concern. To prepare for flooding, keep important documents in a waterproof container and create password-protected digital copies. Gather supplies in case you have to leave immediately or if services are cut off. Keep in mind each person’s specific needs, including medication, and don’t forget the needs of pets. Obtain extra batteries and charging devices for phones and other critical equipment. Determine your best evacuation route from your home and an alternate in case you have to go a different direction.

·NOAA weather radios are great tools to have in power outages (they use batteries, have hand cranks and some are even solar powered). They are loud and obnoxious, but they save lives. NOAA weather radios are inexpensive and can be found at home improvement stores and places like Walmart and Target.

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