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Wednesday, 25 June 2014 11:15

Local Author's "Mona Lisa Myth" to be Released as Documentary Film

Dr. Christopher Brown Dr. Christopher Brown photo from www.brownandneuwirth.com

Filmmakers are planning the release of a new feature-length docu-drama entitled “The Mona Lisa Myth,” based on a book of the same title, which is co-written by Jean-Pierre Isbouts and local art connoisseur Dr. Christopher Brown. Dr. Brown works at the Brown & Neuwirth Oral & Cosmetic Surgery Center in Hickory. The book was released last year.

“The Mona Lisa Myth,” shot on location in Florence, Italy, shows how Leonardo Da Vinci, penniless and destitute after the fall of Milan, was compelled to paint the “Mona Lisa” in exchange for winning a fresco contract from the city of Florence. The film also maintains that Leonardo actually painted two Mona Lisa portraits, one of which emerged from a Swiss vault in 2012.

The film is written and directed by Isbouts, a best-selling National Geographic author. “The Mona Lisa Myth” is produced by Pantheon Studios and Brown Discoveries, LLC.

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