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String Of Vehicle Break-ins Under Investigation

String Of Vehicle Break-ins Under Investigation WHKY Staff Photo Courtesy of Rob Eastwood

Lincoln County Sheriff’s detectives are investigating a rash of vehicle break-ins to unlocked vehicles in an area near Old Plank Road in Iron Station. Last Saturday (March 10) residents began reporting the break-ins to vehicles parked at homes on Old Plank Road, Lowes Lane, Old South Drive and Heartwood Lane. A total of 9 break-ins have been reported. The items stolen in the break-ins included a wallet, personal identification, money and 9 millimeter ammunition.

Thieves have a tendency to break into unlocked vehicles because they want to get in and out of the area as quick as possible. The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office is offering tips to prevent vehicle break-ins. Lock your vehicle every time you leave, even for a short period of time. Don’t leave valuables in plain view. Do not leave personal identification in your vehicle, these items can be used later to commit identity theft.

Do not leave a firearm in your car. If you place items in the trunk, do it discreetly or before you arrive at your destination. If your car is parked in a carport or near your home, leave you exterior lights on at night. If you park on a street, choose a well-lit, open and visible space. Residents should also document and record all serial numbers on any items left in a vehicle.

Anyone with information on the break-ins should call 911, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office at 704-732-9050, the Lincoln County Communications Center at 704-735-8202, or Lincolnton/Lincoln County Crime Stoppers at 704-736-8909. All tips are investigated.

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