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Thursday, 03 April 2014 14:46

Hickory & Long View Partner to Provide Drinking Water to Citizens

The City of Hickory and the Town of Long View have announced continued cooperation between the two municipalities in the provision of water and sewer services to the citizens of the region. Hickory and Long View have cooperatively provided wastewater treatment services to citizens for nearly 20 years and now are joining to provide drinking water to their citizens.

Hickory and Long View have each approved a contract that will allow for Long View to purchase bulk drinking water from the City of Hickory through existing water meters between the two systems. The decision was made after an eight-month process beginning with a feasibility study and ending with a lengthy negotiation with the City of Hickory.

The City of Hickory and Town of Long View have supported the efforts of each municipality on a number of items, including wastewater treatment, sanitary sewer lines and parks & recreation ventures. Long View also purchased water from Hickory for a short period in the past.

The Town of Long View will continue to own the water lines within the Long View Distribution System and will continue to manage the operation of the town’s infrastructure. The contract will allow Long View to cease operation of their Water Treatment Facility, thereby eliminating expenses related to the safe and effective treatment of potable water and reducing its liability for operating the facility.

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