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Hickory Motor Speedway Results From Saturday, 8/10/19

Chris Hudspeth (#28) edges out Thomas Beane at the line in the second late model race of the night at Hickory Motor Speedway Chris Hudspeth (#28) edges out Thomas Beane at the line in the second late model race of the night at Hickory Motor Speedway Hickory Motor Speedway/Sherri Stearns

The thunder rolled in the Catawba Valley on Saturday, not in the skies, but on the track with the running of 84 Lumber Night at the Races at Hickory Motor Speedway!

Leading off the evening’s activities would the NASCAR Whelen All American Series Late Models for 40 laps in the first of their doubleheader on the night. Gage Painter in the #12 would set the fast time in qualifying to take the pole position with Ryan Repko in the #71 to his outside. Row two would be made up of Hickory Motor Speedway points leader Thomas Beane in the #31 and Cole Glasson in the #5. The front row would battle door to door until Painter would nose ahead with Repko close in his tire tracks. The battle for third would see Glasson and Beane jockeying for position until Glasson would take the spot. Charlie Watson in the #41 would take the opportunity and also move under Beane to take the fourth spot. This would leave first, Beane, and second, Chris Hudspeth in the #28 in Hickory Motor Speedway points running nose to tail in fifth and sixth. Hudspeth would pressure Beane and take the position around the halfway point. Back up front the lead duo of Painter and Repko would give themselves a comfortable cushion on the field but start to battle amongst themselves for the top spot. Repko would pressure, the 14 year old, Painter over the last ten laps with them going side by side for the last seven. The last lap would see the pair make slight contact, but come off of turn four side by side to the checkered flag. The finish would see another epic Hickory Motor Speedway Photo Finish with the youngster Painter winning by just .015 thousandths of a second. Repko would have to settle for 2nd and Hudspeth would work his way up to 3rd. Beane would finish 4th and Watson would round out the top five in 5th.

The Carolina Custom Golf Cart Super Trucks would roll off next for their 35 lap feature. Allen Huffman in the #51 would set fast time and start from the top spot with Travis Baity in the #70 to his outside. Charlie Watson in the #6 and Robert Tyler in the #88 would make the second row for the start. Huffman would move to the lead coming off of turn two on the first lap and bring Watson with him as they would move around Baity. Caution would come out for the first time for a spin from the #97 of Zach Hale on lap 2. The restart would see Huffman and Watson side by side until turns three and four when Watson would drive hard and deep into the corner on the high side and make it stick, taking the top spot. The front three would settle down with Watson, Huffman, and Baity leading the way while Joey Shuryan in the #30 would pressure Tyler for fourth and take the spot after several laps. Lap 24 would see Huffman chase down Watson and move around for the top spot, bringing Baity with him for second. Watson would slow on the track and come to pit road with a cut tire. Lap 28 would see the caution fly as Hale and the #17 of Terry Absher would spin in turns one and two. The restart would see Huffman and Baity pace the field with Huffman moving to the lead. Contact between the leaders would send both spinning in front of the field. Huffman would continue but Baity would be done for the night. The restart would see Shuryan and the #28 of Dennis Trivette leading the field to the green. Shuryan would pull to the lead as Trivette would have problems going into turn one. Trivette would bring out the caution with a spin on lap 31. Shuryan and Tyler would be the front row for the start. The front duo would battle hard for the top spot as caution would fly after a spin involving Trivette and Hale. Shuryan and Tyler would once again pace the restart. Both drivers would be dead set on taking the win and drive accordingly. Neither would give an inch and set the fans up for the second great finish of the night in only the second race. Tyler would take the win, his second at Hickory in 2019. Absher would overcome an early spin and finish 2nd while Shuryan would press the leader hard and spin coming to the checkered flag, slide across the finish line and finish 3rd. Trivette would finish 4th and Hale would round out the top five in 5th.

Next up would see the 4 Cylinders light up the track in their 25 lap event. Brian Mundy in the #6 would set fast time and start from the top spot with Allison Houston in the #29 to his outside. The start would see the front row side by side but by turn two Mundy would pull ahead. Curtis Pardue in the #17 would follow Mundy’s lead and move to second with Houston hot on his heels wanting the spot back. Ashton Trivette in the #21 and Robert Trivette in the #11 would have a family battle for fourth with Ashton Trivette taking the spot early. Lap 10 would see Houston make her move back around Pardue and set sail to try to catch the leader Mundy. Houston would make up some time but Mundy would drive on to the win and retake the Hickory Motor Speedway points lead. Houston would settle for 2nd while Pardue would finish 3rd. Ashton Trivette would finish 4th and Cody Combs in the #9 would round out the top five in 5th.

50 laps in round #8 of the Paramount Kia ‘BIG 10’ Chase for the Championship for the Paramount Auto Group Limited Late Models would be next in store. Josh Kossek in the #44 would start from the point after pacing time trials with Ashley Huffman in the #17 to his outside. Mitch Walker in the #43 and Cody DeMarmels in the #18 would start in row two. The green flag would see the front row duel for the top spot with both Kossek and Huffman seeming to be evenly matched. Kossek would finally move to the top spot on lap 4 but with Huffman close behind. DeMarmels would get around Walker for third but they would continue to battle for the spot. Walker would move back around for third on lap 14. Kossek would put his racer on cruise control and knock off some blistering laps. Fifth place would see a tight battle between past winner Mason Ludwig in the #12 and 13 year old Conner Jones in the #2. Walker would catch Huffman and pressure him for the second spot. Jones would make the pass on Ludwig for fifth place on lap 30. Walker would finally make the pass for second, moving around Huffman, on lap 34. As the caution would fly on lap 39 as Kosma Guznyakov in the #33 would spin off of turn four. Kossek and Walker would pace the field on the restart. Kossek would nose ahead to take the top spot. Huffman and DeMarmels would battle it out for third with Huffman pulling ahead after several laps of a side by side battle. Kossek would hold off all challengers and take the win. Walker would have to settle for 2nd and Huffman would finish 3rd. DeMarmels would finish 4th and Jones would score a top five in 5th.

Donnie Allison would bring his Allison Legacy Series to America’s Most Famous Short Track for a 35 lap feature. Luke Akers in the #13 would start from the pole position with Cole Wagner in the #04 to his outside. Akers would take the early lead. A spin by Wagner would bring out the caution on lap 4. The restart would see Aker move back to the lead with the field battling for positions on back. The caution would fly on lap 6 when Logan Drumheller in the #54 would spin in turn three. Akers would move back to the top spot with field in tow. Lap 29 would see the caution fly as the #95 of Laith Trabelsi would spin while trying to pass the #11 of Kayla Lyons coming off of turn two. Drumheller would also get into the wall and sustain race ending damage. Akers would lead the pack to green but the Trabelsi would spin in turn one bringing out another caution.  Akers would take the lead once again on the restart and this time he would drive on to the checkered flag, taking the win with the #08 of Ethan Elder finishing 2nd. Lyons would finish 3rd, Wagner would finish 4th, and Trabelsi would round out the top five in 5th.

The Street Stocks would be next up for their 30 lap battle. Drew Cox in the #21 would take the top spot in qualifying with the #7 of Jeff Sparks to his outside. Kevin Eby in the #03 and Jesse Clark in the #5 would make up row two. Cox and Sparks would race hard in the opening laps with Cox finally nosing ahead. Clark and Eby would battle it out for third over the first half of the race with Eby nosing just ahead on lap 16. However, the battle would not be over as the two drivers would continue working hard for position with Clark regaining the spot on lap 22. Cox would prove too strong and drive on to the win. Sparks would finish 2nd with Clark finishing 3rd. Eby would settle for 4th and Jonathon Smith in the #77 would finish 5th.

Closing out the night’s show would be the final 40 lap feature of the NASCAR Whelen All American Series Late Model doubleheader. After the invert from the race one finishing order Nolan Pope in the #1 would start from the top spot while Connor Mosack in the #18 would start to his outside. Charlie Watson in the #41 would roll off in 3rd and the #5 of Cole Glasson would start 4th. Pope and Mosack would lead the field to the green flag. Pope would take the early lead. Lap 7 would see Watson make the move for the lead getting under Pope for the top spot. The #31 of Thomas Beane would get a run on the leaders and move under Watson for the top spot in turn three. Contact would send Watson spinning and the caution would fly. The restart would see Pope and Beane bringing the field to the green flag. Beane would move to the top spot after a couple laps, but Pope wasn’t giving up quite yet as they would go side by side once again. Pope would regain the lead on lap 12 and bring Repko with him to second. Lap 20 would see the #28 of Chris Hudspeth move around Beane for third. Two laps later Hudspeth would also power around Repko for second, setting his sights on Pope and the lead. Repko would have a different plan and get back around Hudspeth with ten laps to go. The caution would fly on lap 31 as Glasson would spin on the backstretch. Pope and Repko would make up the front row for the restart. Pope would nose ahead and Hudspeth would look under Repko for second. Hudspeth would make the pass and Beane would also move around Repko. Going down the backstretch on lap 35 Painter would move under Repko and make contact. Repko would save the car. Going into turn three Repko would make contact with Painter sending the first race winner hard into the turn four wall. Repko would be sent to the rear of the field as Painter’s heavily damaged car would be towed back to the pits. Pope and Hudspeth would lead the field back to the green flag. Hudspeth would nose ahead on the start but Pope would fight back hard for the lead. As the front pair would battle side by side making contact through turn one Beane would make a bold three wide pass for the top spot. As that was happening Pope would spin in turn one after contact with Mosack, bringing out the caution. Hudspeth and Beane would make up row one for the restart on lap 36. Hudspeth would nose ahead for a split second, but Beane would dive back under to challenge for the win. The front pair would go side by side for an awesome finish over the last four laps. As both drivers would come off of turn four door to door on the final corner when the checkered flag would fly Hudspeth would take the win by the width of his front bumper. Beane would finish 2nd and Bradley McCaskill in the #18 would finish 3rd. Annabeth Barnes Crum in the #12 would finish 4th and Glasson would round out the top five in 5th.

Next week will see the annual Sundown Audio Competition come to Hickory Motor Speedway. Gates will open from 9:00-6:00 Admission is $25.00 per car and driver or $5.00 per person.Come out and see some of the nicest stereo systems around.

The NASCAR Whelen All-American Series will be back in action on August 24.

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Hickory Motor Speedway Results 8/10/19 (Unofficial)

Late Model Race #1
1 #12 Gage Painter
2 #71 Ryan Repko
3 #28 H Chris Hudspeth
4 #31 Thomas Beane
5 #5G Cole Glasson
6 #41 Charlie Watson
7 #18 Connor Mosack ( r )
8 #1 Nolan Pope
9 #5 Dexter Canipe Jr.
10 #18M Bradley McCaskill
11 #12R Annabeth Barnes Crum
12 #19 Jessie Cann ( r )
13 #57 Todd Bradburry
14 #71L Nathan Lineback
15 #07 Matt Leicht
16 #25 Kevin Leicht
Late Model Race #2

1 #28 H Chris Hudspeth
2 #31 Thomas Beane
3 #18M Bradley McCaskill
4 #12R Annabeth Barnes Crum
5 #5G Cole Glasson
6 #5 Dexter Canipe Jr.
7 #71 Ryan Repko
8 #18 Connon Mosack ( r )
9 #19 Jessie Cann ( r )
10 #57 Todd Bradburry
11 #1 Nolan Pope
12 #12 Gage Painter
13 #41 Charlie Watson
14 #71L Nathan Lineback
15 #07 Matt Leicht
16 #25 Kevin Leicht

Limited Late Model “Big 10” #8
1 #44K Josh Kossek
2 #43 Mitch Walker
3 #17 Ashley Huffman
4 #18 Cody DeMarmels
5 #2 Conner Jones
6 #14 Akinori Ogata
7 #12 Mason Ludwig
8 #33G Kosma Guznyakov ( r )
9 #21 Toni Breidinger
10 #32 Josh Stark ( r )

Street Stocks
1 #21C Drew Cox
2 #7 Jeff Sparks
3 #5 Jesse Clark
4 #03 Kevin Eby
5 #77 Jonathon Smith
6 #64 Marshall Sutton
7 #5X John Clark
8 #2 Ethan Johnson
9 #31 Derek Fowler

4 Cylinders
1 #6 Brian Mundy
2 #29 Allison Houston
3 #17 Curtis Pardue
4 #21 Ashton Trivette
5 #9 Cody Combs
6 #98 Robbie Lewis
7 #11 Robert Trivette

Super Trucks
1 #88T Robert Tyler
2 #17A Terry Absher
3 #30 Joey Shuryan
4 #28T Dennis Trivette
5 #97H Zach Hale
6 #51 Allen Huffman
7 #70B Travis Baity
8 #6 Charlie Watson

Allison Legacy Series
1 #13 Luke Akers
2 #08 Ethan Elder
3 #11 Kayla Lyons
4 #04 Cole Wagner
5 #95 Laith Trabelsi
6 #06 Camryn Rice
7 #54 Logan Drumheller
8 #18 Ethan Glenn DNS

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