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Hickory Motor Speedway Results From Saturday, 3/18/17

Charlie Watson (9) dives inside on Ryan Millington in the late models race Charlie Watson (9) dives inside on Ryan Millington in the late models race Sherri Stearns

The Birthplace of the NASCAR Stars would play host to Cosmo Motors Night at the Races for the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series with another great menu of racing.

The One Design Super Trucks rolled off first on the night with the #30 of Joey Shuryan on the pole and the #26 of Charlie Neill to his outside. From the start Neill would flex his muscle and jump to the early lead with Shuryan battling the #15 of Sheflon Clay, the #36 of Tyler Dayton, and the #51 of Allen Huffman for 2nd through 5th. The front runners Clay, Dayton, Huffman, and Shuryan would battle hard until Dayton would move by to make a run at the leader. He would come up just short as Neill would grab the win, in only his 2nd One Design Super Truck start, with Dayton finishing runnerup. Clay would hold on for the 3rd position, Shuryan would grab 4th, and Huffman would work his way from the back to round out the top 5.

Next up would be the Cosmo Motors Street Stocks and their 30 lap feature. Cody DeMarmels in the #18 would grab the pole with Kevin Eby in the #03 starting to his outside. DeMarmels would nose ahead at the start but Eby would make him work hard as he would keep the pair side by side for several laps. DeMarmels would eventually pull ahead and drive to the win with Eby finishing 2nd. Terrence Tucker in #10 would make the most out of his first Hickory Motor Speedway 2017 visit by grabbing 3rd, while Marshall Sutton in the #64 and Eric Evans in the #07 would round out the top 5.

The Paramount Auto Group Limited Late Models would line up next for Round #2 of the Paramount Kia Big 10 Racing Challenge with the #51 of Jeremy Pelfrey on the pole and Pat Rachels in the #34 to his outside. The pair would run side by side for a several laps until Rachels would finally nose ahead. Rachels and Pelfrey would run nose to tale for several laps until the #21 of Monty Cox would bring his Cadillac in to the mix. Cox would work his way around Pelfrey with 15 to go and set sail for the leader. Rachels would fight hard to maintain the lead but Cox would prove too tough and get around him for the lead with only 5 laps to go. Pelfrey would also take the opportunity to follow Cox and move by Rachels as the three men would mix it up for the win. Cox would drive on to the win and do his signature burnout on his way to Victory Lane. Pelfrey would finish 2nd and Rachel's would take home 3rd. Mitch Walker in the #29 would finish 4th with Alex Reece in the #18 finishing 5th.

The Renegades would hit the track next with the #69 of Ben Campbell at the point and the #71 of Kyle DiVanna in the #71 to his outside. Campbell would take the early lead with DiVanna close in his tire tracks. The pair would be glued together the first 8 laps until a caution would bunch the field. On the restart the pair would tangle with Campbell spinning sending them both to the back of the field for the restart. Danny Cump Jr. In the #97 would move to the point for the restart and mayhem would continue at the front of the field with numerous restarts and the entire field getting their shot at a top 3, at one time or another. When the dust settled Darren Dickinson in the #6 would be the first to checkered flag and grab another win with Kyle DiVanna close behind in 2nd. Crump would hold on for 3rd, David Hasson the #83 would take 4th, and Casey Meyer in the #18 would finish 5th.

The NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Bojangles Late Models would be roaring to go after sitting in the wings waiting their turn and watching all the great racing action. Ryan Millington in the #76 would set the fast time and grab the pole with Charlie Watson in the #9 to his outside, Tal Davidson in the #77 and Justin Carroll in the #57 to his outside. Millington would move to the early lead in the 100 lap feature event while Watson and Carroll would soon join him. Watson would make his move after a few laps and jump to the front moving around Millington. The trio would run single file for numerous laps until Millington decided that he wanted to move back to the lead and would take the point. Carroll took the opportunity to look under Watson and moved to the 2nd position to begin his bid for the lead. Millington would lead for a few laps but Carroll would work his way around and take the top spot with Watson following around for 2nd. But as soon as things were looking good for Carroll it all changed as something went amiss in his drivetrain and he would have to come to the pits for the evening. A caution would fly with 9 laps to go and bunch the field for a final rally. Watson would take point, Millington to the outside, Davidson inside 2nd row, and Ty Gibbs in the #18 outside 2nd row. When the green flag flew Watson would get a great start and move back to the lead as Millington would have his hands full holding off Davidson. Watson would drive on to his 2nd win of the year with Millington holding on for 2nd. Davidson finished 3rd, Gibbs would grab 4th after coming back from a hard crash last week, and Mitch Walker in the #29 would finish 5th .

Race fans are in for a treat next week as the Bandit Big Rig Series pays America’s Most Famous Short Track a visit on Cosmo Motors Big Rig Racing Night. Also in action is a full slate of NASCAR Whelen All-American Series action will be the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Bojangles Late Models running twin 40 lap features, Paramount Auto Group Limited Late Models, Cosmo Motors Street Stocks, 4 Cylinders, and Renegades.
Gates open at 5pm, Qualifying at 5:30pm, Autograph Session at 6:30pm, and Racing at 7:30pm.
Tickets are only $16 Adults, $14 Youth/Seniors, Children 10 & under FREE!

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Hickory Motor Speedway
Race Results for 3/18/2017

Late Model - Feature

Finish Car No Driver Hometown DQ/DNS/DNF
1 9W Charlie Watson Lenoir, NC
2 76 Ryan Millington Statesville, NC
3 77T Tal Davidson Mooresville, NC
4 18G Ty Gibbs Charlotte, NC
5 29M Mitch Walker Newton, NC
6 12G Andrew Garcia Eagle Pass TX, NC
7 41T Dennis Trivette Newton, NC
8 57C Justin Carroll Concord, NC
9 99E Matthew Elledge Statesville, NC
10 21 Monty Cox Granite Falls, NC
11 51H Christopher Huffman Connelly Springs, NC
12 13J Mark Johnson Newton, NC
13 51P Jeremy Pelfrey Lenoir, NC
14 31 Thomas Beane Hudson, NC

Limited Late Model - Feature
Finish Car No Driver Hometown DQ/DNS/DNF
1 21 Monty Cox Granite Falls, NC
2 51 Jeremy Pelfrey Lenoir, NC
3 34 Pat Rachels China Grove, NC
4 29 Mitch Walker Newton, NC
5 18R Alex Reece Granite Falls, NC
6 13J Mark Johnson Newton, NC
7 99E Matthew Elledge Statesville, NC
8 51H Christopher Huffman Connelly Springs, NC
9 3D Dylan Oliver Stanley, NC
10 43 Greg Wise Candler, NC

Renegades - Feature
Finish Car No Driver Hometown DQ/DNS/DNF
1 6 Darren Dickinson Hickory, NC
2 71 Kyle Divanna Statesville, NC
3 97 Danny Crump, Jr. Morganton, NC
4 83 David Hasson Newton, NC
5 18 Casey Meyer Troutman, nc
6 51 Robbie Hollifield Morganton, NC
7 69 Ben Campbell Hudson, NC
8 71D Robert Divanna Statesville, NC
9 1 Justin Austin

Street Stocks - Feature
Finish Car No Driver Hometown DQ/DNS/DNF
1 18D Cody DeMarmels Newton, NC
2 3 Kevin Eby Lenoir, NC
3 10 Terrence Tucker
4 64 Marshall Sutton Burnsville, NC
5 7 Eric Evans Mooresville, NC
6 69 Trey Buff Hickory, NC
7 2J Ethan Johnson Hudson, NC

Super Trucks - Feature
Finish Car No Driver Hometown DQ/DNS/DNF
1 26 Charlie Neill Hickory, NC
2 36D Tyler Dayton Mooresville, NC
3 15C Sheflon Clay Asheville, NC
4 30 Joey Shuryan Dearborn, MI
5 51 Allen Huffman Hickory, NC
6 8 Robert Hapeman Midland, NC
7 99 David Messer Asheville, nc
8 3 Colby White Maiden, NC
9 15Z Zach Hale Catawba, NC

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