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Attention viewers who watch WHKY-TV with an over-the-air antenna


Updated 11/15/19:  WHKY-TV return to full power target date is early week of November 18th.  Weather and scheduling professional tower crews have delayed tower installation required for return to full power over-the-air signal coverage.   We apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing.

WHKY-TV recently moved broadcast frequencies on all channels 14.1 through 14.6   WHKY-TV will temporarily operate at reduced power levels while we perform final tower work. This may impact some antenna viewers. If you have rescanned your TV and are still unable to receive WHKY-TV, rest assured that we are working as quickly as possible to restore full power. This website will be updated once construction is complete and WHKY-TV is operating at full power then you can rescan your TV and begin receiving all 6 WHKY-TV channels via over-the-air antenna.

If you watch WHKY-TV on Cable or Satellite you should not effected by this change.

Learn more at 

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   WHKY Radio is available on both 1290 AM and 102.3 FM

WHKY TalkRadio broadcast on both 1290 AM and on 102.3 FM to fully cover The Greater Hickory Metro area..

The same programming heard on 1290 AM can also be heard at 102.3 FM. The programming is exactly the same on both frequencies.

Streaming WHKY Radio on your Apple device

WHKY Apple users you are just a click away from streaming on the latest iOS  system! 

To start streaming WHKY on your Apple device, click on the Apple logo at the top of the home  page.  

You now have a direct link to the WHKY streaming service. 

Using Safari, you can add a shortcut to your home screen.

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